Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Mommy Be Back"

My daughter usually freaks out when I walk out of the house to throw the trash away. So today it struck me as odd when I told her I was going to throw the trash and she looked at me with a big grin and said, "Mommy be back! Otay! Wuv you!" I was just glad that she didn't start screaming like she normally does. So I gathered the trash, and as I walked out of the door I left the main door open and just closed the screen door. Still, no crying or screaming... this was a nice change. Halfway to the trashcan I heard the main door slam while my daughter was simultaneously yelling, "BYEEE!!!" I proceeded to throw the trash out and walk back up to my apartment. I go to open the door, and it's locked. In my head I was thinking how pissed and frantic I was at the same time. I was also thinking how I'm sure she had this whole thing planned. No wonder she was being so nice to me when I left! My conniving 2 year old was probably plotting this as soon as she started noticing our trash bag piling up a few days ago. But I couldn't really be mad; because it was kind of funny.
I had this genius plan to go to my apartment office and get a spare key to unlock the door. Then I realized the deadbolt was locked because that was the only lock she could reach. So plan "A" was out the window. Plan "B" came into effect, just take the screen off my window and crawl into my house like that. But noooo, I locked all of the windows in any chance someone were to come in through them (other than me when I'm locked out).
I'm sure you're wondering where the public embarrassment comes in... that time is now. I had to try to coax my daughter to open the door. But I had to do it loud. I mean, there was a wall in between us. So the persuading began... "Kiya! Open the door NOW!"... "Kiya hunny, please open the door for Mommy! :)"... "Just unlock it. C'mon, you can do it!"... "Kiya, do you want a cookie?"... Cars slowly drove by, people opened there doors wondering what was going on... And I was thinking, "Yes, my 2 year old outsmarted me and locked me out of my own house."
Just when I ran out of logical ideas, Kiya unlocks the door, I open it, and she nonchalantly says, "Hey Mommy. Come in." Now I'm scared to ever take the trash out again. Does she have any more plots brewing in her tiny head right now? I'm gonna have to start watching my back from now on.

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