Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Basic Pinwheel Hair Bow

For this project you will need:

Ribbon of your choice
Tape measure
Alligator or classic hair clip
Embellishments (Optional)

Decide how long in diameter you want your hair bow to be.
I chose about 3 inches.
Take one end of your ribbon face up and measure the length you want it to be.
Now flip the ribbon and measure the same length the opposite way.
Continue doing so 7 times.
You should have the ribbon facing up 4 times.
Do not cut your ribbon until you have done this step.
Make sure to hold ribbon in place.

String your needle with your thread, cut thread, and tie it off at the end so it doesn't slip through the ribbon when you string it through.
Hold all your ribbon together and start weaving the thread in and out vertically starting at the bottom until you reach the top.

Hold your ribbon flat and pull the string to rusche your ribbon.
If you do not hold your ribbon straight it will overlap. You do not want this to happen.

After you rusche all the ribbon together it will form a pinwheel shape.
Make sure to not let it come undone.

Wrap the center of your pinwheel 3 times with your thread to make sure it is securely in place.

Once you have wrapped the thread 3 times, insert the needle through the middle of your pinwheel, wrap it once more, then insert the needle through the center one more time.
You may cut the thread now.
The main part of your pinwheel hair bow is finished.

You can attach an alligator clip or classic clip to the back with a hot glue gun.
You can also add embellishments or even layer smaller pinwheels on top of each other.
Get creative :)

If you have any questions etc... Feel free to leave a comment and I'll respond.
Thanks for reading my basic pinwheel hair bow tutorial!

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