Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Green Smoothie - The Peanut Butter = Even Better For Some

I received some comments that the peanut butter in my original green smoothie was an odd twist to it and some wanted an alternative "sweetener". So for all you non-peanut butter lovers in my smoothie out there, here's another one for ya. It's a little fruitier.

2 Frozen bananas (pre-peel and cut before freezing. Trust me on this.)
1/2 c. Vanilla greek yogurt
1/4 c. 2% milk or Almond milk, your choice
2 Kiwis skin removed
1 tablespoon Honey
Enough fresh baby spinach to fill the rest of your blender to the top

Throw everything in your blender and blend. Then be prepared to feel a burst of energy to get your through your whole morning. Or afternoon. Or whatever.

Does anyone else feel like the appropriate name for this smoothie should be the Ninja Turtle Smoothie? Because I do. Oh look, I just named my smoothie.

It's Not What You Think It Is

No, this is not just an innocent game of peek-a-boo with my daughter, this is her, "I barted" face. I'm sure you can translate that. Blackmail in 16 years? I think so.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming Soon

I will be posting videos on how to make your very own super cute hair accessories. I even bet that you'll have most of the supplies around your house to do it without going to the craft store. So keep a look out for those! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walmart: 25 free 4x6 photo prints

If you head on over to Walmart's photo page and sign up for a free photo account you will get an email offer for 25 free 4x6 prints. If you opt to pick them up in store they are completely free!

Thanks MoneySavingMom!

January 2012 Book Review

Who Loves You Best by Tess Stimson
General Subject Matter: Motherhood and Relationships, Fiction
Price: $15.00 at Target
Rating: 5 out of 5
Book Summary: Clare Elias, a successful business woman in a happy marriage with her husband Marc faces motherhood for the first time with not just one baby, but two. Just when her life seems to be the definition of perfection, she faces some not so perfect situations. Struggling with her inner thoughts about hiring a full time nanny and facing tough decisions regarding her marriage, will she be able to hold it together? And how will it all pan out? "Wise, witty, and powerfully emotional, Who Loves You Best captures the working mother's joys and frustrations--as well as the guilty secrets of nannies--in a tale that is surprising to the very end."
My Opinion: This book was seriously good! It has some of the questions we as mothers ask ourselves all the time regarding childcare and our careers. It was full of complicated and intriguing relationships from the main character Clare, to the young and feisty nanny Jenna. I read this book in about a week. It was so hard to put down and it always left me wanting more. What I love most about it is that it doesn't have that "fairytale" feel to it. The situations and ending decisions are very realistic and powerful. I highly recommend this book to any woman looking for an emotional and exciting read.

Learn more about Tess Stimson and discover her other books here.

Book Review Overview

I plan on reading a new book every month and writing my personal review and opinions on it. Now I just want to warn you, I have a weak spot for girly romantic books filled with scandalous drama and sexy men. I will try my damnedest to mix it up a bit though. So if you like books like I do then we'll get along just fine. :) I will include the price I paid for the book and a 1-5 rating plus a little synopsis. I hope you find my reads to be as interesting as I do!

Target Peep Show

My daughter is a great shopping buddy. Yes, she may yell in the store and call passing strangers "Daddy", but she never tells me I look bad when I try clothes on and she never nags at me for spending too much.
The other day we were going to Target. Before we left I dressed her in this really cute pink dress. I couldn't find the little bloomers to go under it. I didn't think it was a big deal; I mean, no one was going to see that she didn't have any on so we went about our day.
We arrive at Target, get out of the car, I take her hand in mine and we walk through the parking lot to the store. You know that small part right before you reach the front doors where you have to look both ways to make sure cars aren't coming even though you assume they'll stop anyways? Well we looked, and about 4 cars had stopped for us to cross. We start walking towards the door when my daughter stops. I thought she was just dilly dallying around so I gave her a little tug, still, no movement. I look to see what the hold up was and her diaper fell right to her ankles while she was walking. Apparently she had time to loosen it up in the car. While her diaper is around her ankles she is lifting her dress up to point out to me (and the whole Target parking lot) that she was indeed diaper-less. Mortified of my bare-bottomed child in the middle of the crossing, I scooped her up still trying to keep my head high. I then realized that her diaper was stuck to the Velcro on her shoe. I tried to grab it but ended up looking even more like a fool so I walk into Target with a half naked baby and a diaper dangling from her shoe. People looked at me like I definitely deserved the mother of the year award.
So just a word of advice to mothers about their daughter's dresses... If your child is still in diapers and you plan on putting a dress on her, do not, and I repeat do not forget the bloomers.

Healthy Green Smoothie

This recipe for a healthy green smoothie is a great breakfast option. Even my daughter loves it. And I feel like a sneaky mommy because she doesn't even know it's healthy. Mwahahahaha! So here it is guys and I hope you like it!

You Will Need:
1 Frozen banana ( Pre-peel and chop before freezing)
1 Tablespoon peanut butter
1/2 c. Vanilla greek yogurt
1 c. 2% milk OR unsweet almon milk (Your choice)
1 Kiwi, peeled
About 2 c. fresh baby spinach

1st & Only Step:
Throw banana, peanut butter, greek yogurt, milk, and kiwi in blender. Add the spinach to fill the rest of the blender to the top. Blend until completely smooth.

This makes about 3 servings. If it is too bitter for you try adding some honey or another kiwi. Enjoy :)

Easy Homemade Butter Tutorial

Ok, so butter is probably one of those things that you don't think of making from scratch. But it's seriously easy and on top of that it gives you a little bit of self pride and you can say, "Holy crap I just made butter. Damn I'm good." Then you'll probably wonder what else you can make. But don't get ahead of yourself now...
Here it is, the step by step way to make easy homemade butter. Warning: This IS delicious. Make at your own risk.

You will need:
Heavy whipping cream (I buy the biggest carton for about a pound of butter)
An electric mixer (This is the "easy" part)
2 large bowls (1 for mixing and the other to put under the strainer)
A strainer
Salt (Optional)

Step 1:
Pour the whole carton of whipping cream into bowl #1. I have a stand mixer but a hand one is fine as long as you don't mind holding it for a while. After you have poured all the cream into your bowl turn your mixer on medium high speed. Be careful because it will splash a bit.

Step 2:
After a while of mixing, it will get a whipped cream consistency. You should be able to lift the mixers and get a peak from the cream. This is a good sign so continue mixing on medium high.

Step 3:
The cream will start to get a grainy texture and turn a pale yellow color. Keep mixing on medium high.

Step 4:
After a while of mixing the cream will start separating. The hard part will be your butter curds and the liquid is buttermilk. Be careful because it will start splashing again. Continue mixing until the buttermilk is completely separated from the butter curds.

Step 5:
Take your 2nd bowl and place the strainer on top. Pour the buttermilk and curds into the strainer to separate them. Make sure the strainer is high enough above the bowl so that when you drain the buttermilk it does not touch the bottom of the strainer. Knead the butter (yes with your hands) while in the strainer to squeeze out any excess buttermilk.

Step 6:
Once the butter curds are free of the buttermilk and is kneaded you have butter! If you want to add salt keep reading. And if you want unsalted butter store in an air tight container and keep refrigerated.

Step 7 (If adding salt):
Put your butter on a plate and add a small amount of salt. This is just for taste. Gradually add as much as you want to get it to your liking. I suggest to stop and taste as you go so you don't put too much in. Once you're finished store in an air tight container and keep refrigerated.

Well look at you! Aren't you just so proud of yourself. You made butter. What will you possibly do next?!
Oh, and the easy part was using an electric mixer. But if you have lots of time and want biceps of steel then you can put the cream in a jar and shake it. The jar option is also good if you want to do a little food project with kids. It makes it fun for them. You can also keep the buttermilk and use it in another recipe!


Welcome to my new blog. I created this blog to highlight all my favorite recipes, craft ideas, tutorials, stories, and more. Since I can't cook for everyone I want to share my favorite recipes so everyone can enjoy the yummy goodness too! I also want to share my craft ideas so everyone else can learn and enjoy those as well. For those that don't know me... Seriously the most embarrassing things happen to me. Seriously. And instead of bitching about those things I learned to laugh about them and share the laughter with everyone else. So I hope you like my blog. And feel free to comment or email me!